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New smart technology helping businesses navigate tight employment market

In an employment market where finding the right staff is as difficult as ever, a unique combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence developed at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is helping businesses hire efficiently and effectively.

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Quescreen Launched 10 March 2022!

WHA are pleased to announce the official launch of Quescreen - our health risk screening tool for low-risk roles!

For further information visit www.quescreen.com or speak with a Quescreen Consultant by calling 1300 552 722.

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Katherine Physio expanding as local health services recover

The following article appeared on the Katherine Times website: https://www.katherinetimes.com.au/story/7173244/katherine-physio-expanding-as-local-health-services-recover/

Health services in Katherine are continuing to recover, with a local physiotherapist growing in size and ser...

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WHA Partnerships

For allied health businesses in Australia and New Zealand, partnering with Workforce Health Assessors (WHA) offers a unique opportunity to diversify and grow revenue streams with the support of a large national network, while also improving local health outcomes at the same time.

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WHA engages in a SIEF STEM+ Business Project to develop Quescreen

WHA, in partnership with the CSIRO and University of Technology Sydney is developing a smart, intuitive human risk screening tool: Quescreen, with the assistance of the SIEF STEM+ Business Program.

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YES - We are open - YES we are taking bookings

YES we are OPEN and taking bookings

We understand that a large number of our clients are still onboarding and need medicals and screening to continue running their business. The majority of WHA facilities do not provide health care and they are open for pre-employment medicals an...

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The Risks of Skin Cancer and How to Keep Your Skin Safe

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Australia. It’s also the most preventable. Two in three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70. It’s a leading cause of death in Australia, where the rate of incidence is two to three times the rates in the United States, Can...

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How to Manage the Risks of Working in Heat

It is dangerous for people to work in extreme heat. To function properly, the human body must sustain a consistent body temperature of roughly 37 degrees Celsius. When the body overheats and exceeds this internal body temperature, it results in heat-related illness, also known as...

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How Pre-Employment Medicals Can Help You Become an Employer of Choice

People want to work for an employer that cares about their wellbeing. A company that invests in its employees is investing in the business itself. Iveta Gabčanová shares why employees are the most important asset for any business:

“The growth of satisfaction is to be reflected in...

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Men’s Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Learn more about health risks for men and what employers and employees can do to maintain the health and wellbeing of a workforce.

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Pre-Employment Medicals for the Mining Industry

Learn how pre-employment medicals and routine health assessments can prevent unfortunate injuries and fatalities in the mining industry.

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Be a Safety Champion this Safe Work Month with Workforce Health Assessors

October is National Safe Work Month in Australia. This month is a time to commit to building safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians.

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WHA adds new facility to service Ballarat and Wendouree areas

WHA has continued their expansion into regional areas with their additional facility in Wendouree—the north-western suburb of Ballarat, Victoria. The new facility opened in August 2019.

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Workplace Retention: 10 Tips to Retain Valuable Talent

Employee turnover is a huge expense for any business. Use our 10 tips to keep your employees delighted by their place of employment for many years to come.

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Women’s Health in the Workplace

Employers should prioritize women’s health at work every day of the year in order to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

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