Specialised medicals to support the health of Queensland and NSW coal miners
  • Fitness for work
  • Early intervention
  • Referrals for follow up, if needed
  • Authorised health professionals
  • Ensure health and safety of coal mine workers

The QLD Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme (formerly Coal Board Medical) and NSW Coal Services Health Monitoring requirements aim to provide early diagnosis and intervention for respiratory diseases like pneumoconiosis and silicosis. They are an essential requirement for new and existing workers in the QLD and NSW coal mining industry.

Why do we need Coal medicals for miners?

The health and safety of miners is important. Mine dust lung diseases can have long term, severe and even fatal consequences for miners. Pneumoconioses, also known as black lung, was re-identified in 2016 affecting coal miners in NSW and QLD. 

To help keep coal miners safe, provide early diagnosis and intervene early, regular medical assessments for coal miners are essential. 

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Who can perform a coal medical for miners?

Coal medicals for miners may include pre-employment testing and ongoing, regular health monitoring at least every 5 years. These medical assessments are regulated and must be performed by an approved medical provider. 

WHA has a network of approved medical providers around Australia. 

What’s included in a coal medical for miners?

At minimum, the medicals must include:

  • Chest examination
  • Chest x-ray dual-read by qualified radiologist in line with international standards set by the International Labour Organisation
  • Spirometry tests and comparisons with previous tests, where available
  • Any other examination deemed necessary by an appropriate doctor to support early detection

WHA’s network of approved medical providers around Australia are experienced in performing coal medicals for miners.

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WHA's national network of over 550 clinics makes it easier to get assessments where needed, in-clinic or via telehealth.