Hearing test and assessments

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: As of January 1 2024, SafeWork NSW has amended Clause 58 “Audiometric testing” of The Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 meaning workers who frequently use hearing protection to control noise that exceeds the exposure standard to help prevent hearing loss in the workplace require testing:

  • within 3 months of starting their employment (baseline test)
  • and a follow-up test at least every 2 years

Hearing assessments ensure employees meet safety standards, establish a baseline hearing pre-employment, and can track changes in a person’s hearing over time. WHA delivers hearing assessment services across all industries and their workforces.

The Benefits of WHA Hearing Assessments

A hearing assessment determines if a person has any form of hearing loss across a broad spectrum of frequencies. Successive assessment results can be compared to determine if any changes to a person’s hearing have occurred over time. Pre-employment and ongoing hearing assessments are becoming a requirement for many industries. Hearing assessments reduce the risk of workplace injuries and improve the well-being of your workforce.

  • Identify pre-existing hearing loss
  • Track hearing loss
  • Minimise long-term absenteeism from injury
  • Meet health and safety targets
  • Save money on WorkCover claims and insurance costs
  • Provide a safe work environment
There are a number of reasons an employer may request Audiometry testing:
  • Pre-employment medical (testing for normal levels of hearing)
  • Company standards (testing based on requirements outlined by the company)
  • Baseline (as per statutory regulations to be used for comparison during ongoing health monitoring)
  • Health monitoring (at regular intervals for workers exposed to occupation noise to monitor for change)

*Audiometry testing and monitoring statutory and regulatory requirements are determined by each state/territory.

WHA hearing assessments adheres to Australian and New Zealand Standard Audiometric – AS/NZS 1269.4 Occupational Noise Management – Auditory Assessment, including maintenance and calibration of all equipment, and are completed by WHA assessors suitably trained in procedures and equipment usage that meets the relevant standards required for specific workplace needs.