Want to offer pre-employment
medicals to your customers?

with WHA

WHA partners with businesses across Australia and New Zealand including:

  • Physio's
  • Chiropractors
  • Osteopaths
  • Wellness Studio’s
  • Medical Centres
  • Pharmacies
  • Aged Care
  • Rehab Centres

Our services include

Occupational and medical history

Work capacity assessments

Spirometry (lung function)

Audiometry (hearing)

Drug and alcohol screening

Blood tests and more

Location not listed? Enquire and help local companies provide a healthier and safer workplace

About WHA

A professional provider of pre-employment medicals

We provide in-depth pre-employment and ongoing medical tests specific to your job criteria wherever your location. We organise, perform, and report on all health assessments and medicals providing convenience and security.

Medical assessments ensure a prospective employee is physically, mentally, and medically prepared for their specific job. With our years of industry experience and specialised health professionals, we guarantee a convenient and comprehensive assessment process. We use one of the most advanced, easy to use online platforms enabling clients to book, track, and receive reports for all medical assessments and WHA services.

WHA Partner Success Stories
“Have not looked back since”

“We were initially attracted to WHA’s partnership offer as a great opportunity to provide an important health service to the community by making pre-employment health checks more accessible for our clients.

Since then, the additional and diverse revenue stream has enabled us to increase employment at our pharmacy, while also increasing professional growth opportunities for our employees. WHA have been excellent at providing everything we needed to get up and running, maintaining a high level of support as this side of our business continued to grow”


Sandra Ferrington
Managing Partner at Capital Chemist Kingston, Canberra