For allied health businesses in Australia and New Zealand, partnering with Workforce Health Assessors (WHA) offers a unique opportunity to diversify and grow revenue streams with the support of a large national network, while also improving local health outcomes at the same time.

Sandra Ferrington, Managing Partner at Capital Chemist Kingston in Canberra, hasn’t looked back since she began offering pre-employment health checks in partnership with WHA in 2016.

“We were initially attracted to WHA’s partnership offer as a great opportunity to provide an important health service to the community by making pre-employment health checks more accessible for our clients,” Ms Ferrington said.

“Since then, the additional and diverse revenue stream has enabled us to increase employment at our pharmacy, while also increasing professional growth opportunities for our employees.

“WHA have been excellent at providing everything we needed to get up and running, maintaining a high level of support as this side of our business continued to grow.

“From the initial set-up and training, to ongoing help with client liaison and bookings and a reporting system made easy by WHA’s technology, we were able to offer pre-employment medicals consistent with best-practice in the nation from the get-go.

“The flexibility of the arrangement suits the pharmacy so well – when we have a high volume of bookings, we have the capacity, resources and support to complete them, and when bookings are low our assessors have plenty of ‘traditional’ pharmacy work to continue with.”

In what is usually a quiet time of year, Workforce Health Assessors signed on four new partners last month alone and continue to expand their footprint across Australia and New Zealand as sectors adapt to and rebound from the impacts of COVID-19.

Pharmacies, physiotherapists, gyms already possess much of the physical infrastructure required to perform pre-employment medical assessments, and the professionals who work within these businesses are well equipped with qualifications or skillsets to provide, or be easily trained to provide checks.

Partners gain access to WHA’s nation-leading technology, centralised support and broad customer base, but importantly, also take ownership and control of the pre-employment medical offering, integrating the new service into their existing business as they see fit.

If you operate an allied health business and are interested in finding out about how you can diversify your revenue stream, increase your employees’ skills and grow your business, please contact 1300 552 722.

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