The following article appeared on the Katherine Times website:

Health services in Katherine are continuing to recover, with a local physiotherapist growing in size and services.

Katherine Physio have employed new staff, as well as offering new pre-employment medical tests and a range of new treatments to fill the gap left by the closure of Gorge Health in 2020.

The departure of the town’s only private GP left thousands of people without access to medical treatment, and while new clinics are due to open soon, Katherine Physio said they want to contribute to the town’s health care recovery.

“Following the closure of Katherine’s only private GP practice last year, residents have been left with a lack of access to basic healthcare,” said Katherine Physio founder Alethe Trengove.

“It’s great to know a new general practice is opening soon, however demand across the healthcare system is likely to remain high.

“By offering pre-employment medicals we’re not only hoping to introduce an important service to Katherine, but also compliment future health care services by preventing these medicals from clogging up other health care waiting rooms.”

Mrs Trengove said the clinic is at a high point for staffing levels and will be able to expand their services to include Pilates, hydrotherapy, and a larger general case load for injury treatment.

“It’s good to be a primary contact for some musculoskeletal injuries that can’t be seen by doctors.”

The pre-employment medical tests are being offered in partnership with Workforce Health Assessors.

“We’re excited to bring our expertise and experience to Katherine… from today, clients and prospective employees will be able to access pre-employment medicals, hearing tests, functionals and drug and alcohol screening… without having to travel to Darwin,” said WHA managing director Jason Unwin.

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