With over ten years of experience in providing human resources consulting and recruitment services to businesses across Australia, Makesure provides its clients with a one-stop base for employee background, reference, criminal checks, and screenings. Makesure cover a variety of industries including Not for Profit, Transport and Logistics, Finance, Security, Labour/Hire Recruitment, and Construction. Whatever screening is required for candidates, the team at Makesure make the process easy for businesses, and are committed to saving employers and HR managers the time-consuming tasks that come with finding the perfect hire.

To ensure that they provide Australian businesses with the best, most accurate, and speedy checks on potential new employees, Makesure have partnered with some of the most reputable organisations in Australia—including Workforce Health Assessors (WHA). WHA have been a supplier to Makesure for the last 12 months, and have constantly impressed Makesure, with our quality results and outstanding service all within Makesure’s timelines.

Rob Wallace, the Director at Makesure, has utilised our services for the past 10 years, using WHA as a supplier of pre-employment medicals in a previous role. Impressed with our services, Rob ultimately made the decision to partner with us at Makesure too and has recommended WHA to several businesses as a pre-employment and ongoing medical assessment provider, “with more (recommendations) to come in the next few months.”

The road to finding the best provider of workforce medicals wasn’t an easy one for Rob, who trialled several pre-employment providers over the years. “Most providers of medicals have poor customer service, invoicing is all over the place and they are less inclined to work with the individual clients… WHA supported us in a major tender, where their competitors could not meet the standard of service we expect to deliver. WHA were able to and have done so throughout their time working with Makesure.”

According to Rob, the main benefits of using WHA are the “service, locations, and availability of appointments”, as well as the “speed of results returned.”

Workforce Health Assessors strive to deliver the best service possible to both our clients and candidates, providing pre-employment and ongoing health assessment services to businesses all over Australia. We consistently set ourselves apart by providing quick turnaround times for all of our services, and have developed an innovative software platform that allows our clients to book, track and receive all assessment reports in real-time.

Workforce Health Assessors will ultimately save you moneyreduce the time it takes to receive results and improve the quality of your medical reports.

To find out more or to book in for a pre-employment medical, contact us on 1300 552 722 today or get in touch with us here.

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