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Pre-employment Health Assessments

We've conducted over 95,000 pre-employment health services globally in the last 12 months.

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Are your employees fit for the job ahead?

Whatever the industry, the health and safety of your team is an essential part to the success of your business. Workforce Health Assessors ensures a prospective employee is physically, mentally, and medically suited to their specific job. We offer comprehensive pre-employment medical assessments tailored to the needs of your business.

What is a Pre-employment Medical?

Pre-employment medical assessments manage workplace risk by ensuring prospective employees are able to meet the physical and mental demands of any given job. They also let employers know how they can accommodate a prospective employee safely throughout their time with the company. Pre-employment medicals are an investment in the overall success of your business as they prevent future health and safety risks, as well as the potential of escalating insurance premiums.

What’s included in a pre-employment medical assessment varies depending on the role being filled and the level of risk the role requires. They can include medicals, functionals, drug and alcohol screenings, hearing assessments, vision tests, and general fitness tests.

More on what’s involved in a medical assessment.

The Benefits of Pre-Employment Medicals.

Pre-employment medical assessments benefit your business and improve the wellbeing and safety of your workforce.

  • Find a quality candidate without the guesswork
  • Increase team morale and loyalty
  • Minimise long-term absenteeism from illness and injury
  • Meet health and safety targets
  • Improve and maintain corporate image
  • Attract the best talent
  • Save money on WorkCover claims and insurance costs
  • Provide a safe work environment

Learn more about the benefits of pre-employment medicals.

Why Choose WHA?

WHA is at the forefront of advanced and emerging technology. We combine our medical assessment expertise with years of secure employment data, behavioural science, and tailored medical questions to deliver efficient solutions in the field of pre-employment and ongoing medicals.

By embracing smart solutions, technology, automation, and artificial intelligence, WHA has transformed the process of pre-employment workplace medicals. We provide a proprietary software program that manages the entire medical from booking to processing to delivering your results. This ensures you have access to accurate, secure assessment reports at all times.

Our medical assessments are conducted to Australian state or territory WorkSafe requirements in all states and territories. Medicals are available at one of our Australia and New Zealand WHA facilities or on-site for your convenience.

Contact WHA to have one of our staff members evaluate the health needs of your business. 

Need a pre-employment medical? We have 550+ locations across Australia & New Zealand. Enquire Now

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