Operating in both Australia and New Zealand, CSR is a manufacturing business that is one of the most trusted and recognised companies in providing products for the residential and commercial construction industries. CSR have built a reputation for their strong distribution network and providing products that are manufactured to meet all relevant building codes and standards. They have consistently proved themselves as industry leaders, continually investing in their business, as well as research and development, in order to ensure they are always helping their customers meet new challenges facing the construction industry.

CSR recruits for a broad range of roles across multiple business functions. Due to the nature of the industry they operate in, CSR has a number of high-risk roles where employees are around heavy machinery and materials. Some of these roles include: Engineers, Warehouse Operators, Solar Installers, and Construction Supervisors.

As an extremely safety conscious company, CSR conducts medicals for all positions across the business. That’s where WHA comes in.

Sam Chan, Talent Acquisition Manager at CSR Australia and New Zealand, spoke to us about his experience working with WHA as a provider of pre-employment medicals.

“We feel that medicals do add a lot of value in our industry as it helps us reduce the risk of injury to our employees while carrying out their duties at work,” Sam says.

“We previously used the services of another provider,” Sam says. “I was introduced to WHA from someone within my network who had utilised their services and recommended them.”

Since then, both Sam and CSR haven’t looked back. CSR have been solely using WHA’s workforce medical services for 3 years across all of their Australian and New Zealand locations. Working with WHA has allowed the company to consistently reach KPIs. “They contribute to our time to fill targets, as we depend on their prompt service,” Sam says.

“We had a role in regional Victoria and needed to get a medical booked in urgently with results sent back. WHA were able to pull this off and assist us with getting the results back promptly.”

Quick turn-around times and efficiency aren’t the only component of our services that have consistently impressed CSR, with multiple facets of our services being complimented by Sam and the CSR team. Sam highlights “being able to go to one company who can service all our medical needs across Australia and NZ, including regional locations” as a major factor that ensures the ongoing partnership between CSR and WHA, and sets us apart from competitors in our field.

“They (WHA) also have a fabulous Customer Service team who are very responsive.”

Would CSR recommend WHA to other businesses? Sam says: “Yes, absolutely.”

WHA provides pre-employment and other medical services catered to suit the specific requirements of the role you need to fill. With the combination of our prompt customer service team, our innovative software platform, and our increasing availability across Australia and New Zealand, we provide efficient and timely workforce medical services that help businesses big and small provide safer working environments and reduce workplace injuries and future WorkCover claims and insurance costs.

To find out more or to book in for a pre-employment medical or one of our other offered services, contact us on 1300 552 722 today or get in touch with us here.

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