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Each Workforce Health Assessors test has been carefully prepared to help employers determine which candidate is the best fit for their organisation. A WHA medical assessment includes both a questionnaire and an in-person assessment.

What Is a Pre-employment Medical Assessment?

A health assessment is a comprehensive series of individual medical tests that assess your suitability for a specific job. Pre-employment medicals review your physical and mental health in relation to your prospective role. They also allow your employer to chart your health throughout your time with the company.

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A WHA Health Assessment consists of two parts:

  1. The Questionnaire
  2. The Assessment

The Questionnaire

The questionnaire is a vital part of your assessment. It is used by assessors to ensure each test performed during the health assessment is safe for you to take. They also allow the assessor to determine your suitability for specific tasks.

If a questionnaire is required, you may need to log onto our Online Questionnaire Website. If you have not received login details from the employer, or by SMS message, you can check if you are required to complete an online questionnaire by calling WHA at 1300 552 722, and we will provide you with the login information.

Your questionnaire should be completed at least 4 hours before your assessment. If you are unable to complete your questionnaire online, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow sufficient time to complete it.

Please answer all questions fully and accurately and include all pertinent details regarding any illness, accident, injury, or condition.

The Assessment

Your assessment may take between 15 to 90 minutes depending on which assessment has been booked for you. Cancellations or rescheduling requires at least 36 hours notice. Failure to provide this notice may incur a non-attendance fee.

What Is In An Assessment?

Health assessments vary depending on the job role you are being assessed for. For this reason, you should be fully prepared for the following:

Vision Tests

Vision tests are part of almost every health assessment. If you have visual aids, ensure you bring them to your assessment.

Hearing Assessment

A hearing assessment may be performed. If you have a hearing aid, ensure it is fully operational for your assessment. As per the Australian Standard, if a hearing assessment is required, you must have at least 16 hours of 'quiet time' prior to taking a baseline hearing test.

Urine Sample 

You may be required to provide a urine sample for the analysis of sugar levels or as part of a drug screening.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

Most health assessments today require drug and alcohol screening.

Fitness Test

In some cases, you may be required to complete a fitness test which can include bending, squatting, kneeling, and stretching.

What to Bring to Your Assessment

Hearing and Visuals Aids

If you require any auditory or visual aids, please bring them to your assessment.

  • hearing aids
  • glasses
  • contact lenses
  • corrective lenses

Appropriate Clothing

Your clothing must allow you to perform a full range of movement and, in some cases, complete a fitness test. Closed footwear must also be worn. You will not be required to undress for your assessment. However, the assessor may request to examine your back and spine.

Photo ID


Failure to produce adequate identification may result in parts of your assessment being reported as invalid, requiring them to be redone.

It violates anti-discrimination laws to block an individual from employment for any health issue not directly pertinent to the position they are applying for.

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