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About Health Assessments - for Candidates

Your potential employer has requested you take a pre-employment medical to assess your suitability for the proposed role. The primary reason is to prevent work-related injuries that could put you and your future colleagues at risk.

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A WHA health assessment usually consists of two parts: a questionnaire and an in-person medical assessment. The pre-screen questionnaire is vital for your medical and is used by our health assessors to ensure each type of medical test is safe for you. It also assists the assessor in identifying whether you are suitable for specific tasks. The medical will vary depending on the job role you are being assessed for. However, you should be fully prepared for a urine sample, drug and alcohol screening, and a hearing and vision assessment.

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Your questionnaire should be completed at least 4 hours before your assessment so the health assessor has time to review your answers. If you are unable to complete your questionnaire online, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow sufficient time to complete it. Note that your health assessment may take longer than anticipated if you do not complete the questionnaire in advance.
Your medical may take between 15 to 90 minutes depending on the type and number of assessments booked.
If you are applying for a job with a different employer or changing job roles, there will be changes to the assessment. A new tailored medical is needed to ensure you are able to perform the requirements of the upcoming role.
If you need to cancel or reschedule your medical for any reason, please give us at least 36 hours notice. Failure to provide this notice may incur a non-attendance fee.

You should bring:

  • Photo Identification (Usually a Driver Licence or passport.)
  • Visual aids (If you use glasses, contact lenses, or corrective lenses, please bring them.)
  • Hearing aids (If you use a hearing aid, ensure it is fully operational.)
  • List of medications

Your assessment may ask more of you depending on your specific assessment requirements. Check your assessment paperwork to be sure.

Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing that you can move around in. Your clothing must allow you to perform a full range of movement and, in some cases, complete a fitness test. Closed footwear must also be worn (sneakers are suggested). You will not be required to undress for your assessment. However, the assessor may request to examine your back and spine.
Do not drink more than double the amount of water you would normally drink on a daily basis. Drinking any more than this may dilute your urine and risk voiding the sample, which could result in a second appointment for a re-test.
No, you can do a drug test at any time. Your assessment results will not be impacted.
If you have been requested to undergo a medical health assessment on behalf of a company, the company will pay all fees.

If you have been requested to undergo a medical health assessment on behalf of a company, the company will pay all fees.

If you have personally requested a medical, 50% of the fee is required at the time of the booking, and the remainder is required on the day.

We endeavour to book your medical at the closest WHA facility possible to your location. However, some travel may be required due to the nature of your medical, or available appointment times. If you have any concerns with the location or appointment time allocated, please contact our Australian Customer Service Team at 1300 552 722.

Most of our facilities have off-street parking or parking close by. To check, visit our Locations Page and view on Google Maps.

All of your information is maintained securely in line with Australian Privacy Principles. Visit our privacy policy for more information.

No, WHA is an independent third party. We are not involved in any hiring discussions or decisions.

For Businesses and Clients

Pre-employment medical assessments manage workplace risk by ensuring prospective employees are able to meet the physical and mental demands of any given job. What’s included in a pre-employment medical assessment varies depending on the role being filled. They can include drug and alcohol screenings, hearing assessments, vision tests, and general fitness tests.

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We offer pre-employment and periodic medicals, in-facility and on-site. We also conduct drug and alcohol screenings, hearing assessments, driver assessments, vaccinations, as well as other workplace health and wellness services.

Learn more about our assessments and other services on our Services Page.

We specialise in tailoring pre-employment medicals to suit the requirements of each specific job position. Medicals can be standalone health assessments or a combination. All medicals are in accordance with Australian State and Territory requirements.

A Pre-Screen Questionnaire (PSQ) is a standalone screening tool booked through the WHA portal and completed on any internet-connected device. A PSQ is reviewed by a health assessor before any in-person health assessment is conducted.

A PSQ can also screen lower risk roles at an affordable price and in a reduced timeframe. Depending on the role you need to fill, the outcome of a PSQ may be a job offer or the first step towards a full, more in-depth health assessment.

The duration of the medical can be 15-90 minutes depending on the number of health assessments required within the medical. Most commonly, it takes between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. Clients are notified of the duration when the medical is requested.
Once the medical has been conducted, results will be available within 24 hours. When requested in advance, urgent results can be available on the same day. Full tracking and transparency of the booking and medical process are provided in real time.
Results are accessed securely via the WHA portal in real time. You will also receive notifications via email.
Yes, regular reports can be compiled noting the KPIs achieved.
Pre-employment medicals start at $120.00. However, the fee is dependent on the duration and the type of medical assessment undertaken. The location can also impact the fee if the medical is conducted in a regional or remote centre.
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With extensive coverage across metro and regional Australia and New Zealand, we have many flexible service delivery options. This means we can provide medical assessments through our national network of owned WHA facilities and affiliated partners, or on-site at your location.

Privacy and Security

No. Information collected at WHA is only accessible to the business that booked a pre-employment health assessment. WHA never shares or discloses information about individuals with any 3rd party providers, suppliers, or clients.

Visit our privacy policy for more information.

Assessment results are stored in WHA controlled databases. All information collected conforms to The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) under Australian Law.

Visit our privacy policy for more information.