Smart Covid-19 Questionnaire

Recently WHA communicated that we would be launching our smart COVID-19 questionnaire on the WHA system. We are pleased to announce that this is now live, fully integrated and will automatically attach to all existing services booked into the future, free of charge. The smart COVID-19 questionnaire is also available to book for all clients as a standalone risk assessment.

This is a thorough COVID-19 risk profiling tool to incorporate into any organisation's visitation approval procedure (applicable to employees, contractors and visitors). The questionnaire consists of 7 key base questions and 11 cascading questions depending on an individual’s responses to clearly identify if there is potential risk against current and accepted state/national Government and World Health Organisation guidelines.

These questionnaires aim to reduce any unnecessary anxiety or concern for staff, visitors and members of the community in any face-to-face setting as well as provide clearance and/or advice to users and employers.

WHA facilities will use the questionnaires in this way:

  • WHA now sends a new SMS to remind candidates of situations where it would not be appropriate to attend a booking (for example if the candidate has ‘flu-like symptoms’) and to contact WHA or their potential employer
  • All candidates are now required to at an absolute minimum complete a COVID-19 questionnaire prior to attending a WHA facility
  • Any candidate who returns answers that may pose any concerns on their COVID-19 questionnaire will be alerted to immediately contact WHA as they will not be able to attend without doing so
  • WHA and clients will also be alerted through the WHA system if a candidate has completed a questionnaire and returned answers that may pose any risk

This new smart COVID-19 questionnaire can also be used by WHA clients for screening visitors to their sites.

This would require a standalone COVID-19 questionnaire to be booked via the WHA system.

If you are interested in more information or utilising the WHA smart COVID-19 questionnaire as a standalone service, please contact WHA.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to WHA. If we can assist you further, please contact us on 1300 552 722 or